Illumina® Library Preparation

Library preparation for the Illumina sequencing platform requires fragmentation of DNA, or use of cDNA prepared from RNA, followed by repair of 3’ and 5’ ends to form blunt-ended, phosphorylated molecules, and the addition of a non-templated dA-tail before ligation to an adaptor. If necessary to achieve sufficient yields, the final step is PCR amplification of the library. Small RNA libraries are constructed using a different workflow, in which adaptors are ligated directly to the small RNA molecules, followed by reverse transcription and PCR amplification. For more detail, select a workflow tab below.

The NEBNext suite of products supports Illumina sequencing with sample preparation tools that streamline workflows, minimize inputs, and improve library yields and quality. NEBNext sample preparation kits are available for genomic DNA, ChIP DNA, FFPE DNA, Microbiome DNA, RNA and small RNA samples. In addition to the extensive QCs performed on individual kit components, all NEBNext kits for Illumina are functionally validated by preparation of a library, followed by Illumina sequencing. NEBNext library preparation reagents are available in multiple kit and workflow formats, for maximum convenience and flexibility.

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