DNA Modification
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  • DNA Modification

    The preparation of DNA for molecular applications often requires sample processing beyond restriction enzyme digestion, fragmentation or PCR amplification. Modifying enzymes can be used to manipulate or repair DNA for downstream applications, such as:

    • Recombinant DNA assembly for subsequent cloning
    • PCR amplification
    • DNA labeling or probing
    • Sequencing

    While there are many modifying enzymes that act on DNA to prepare it for a variety of different downstream applications, there are also modifying enzymes that are used to study genomic DNA methylation as a method of epigenetic change.

    Featured Products

    DNA Modification includes these areas of focus:

    DNA Nicking
    DNA End Modification
    DNA Blunting
    DNA Phosphorylation
    DNA Dephosphorylation
    DNA Repair
    DNA & Protein Methylation
    DNA Ligation

    Protocols for DNA Modification

    Common Applications of Exonucleases and Endonucleases

    NEB provides a list of common applications for our exonucleases and endonucleases.

    Properties of Exonucleases and Endonucleases

    NEB supplies many nucleases; several characteristics should be considered when choosing the one best suited to your particular research needs.