Specialty PCR

Some PCR experiments require polymerases optimized for specific applications. These reactions may include long or challenging templates that standard DNA polymerases don’t amplify well, reaction conditions that include suboptimal components or even inhibitors, or application-specific requirements.

Long Range PCR: Optimized polymerase formulations can enable amplification of templates up to 30 kb and beyond. For Long Range PCR NEB provides LongAmp® and Q5® DNA polymerases. LongAmp is capable of amplifying very large fragments (up to 30 kb) with 2X Taq fidelity. Q5 can amplify fragments up to 10 kb, at the highest fidelity currently available on the market (> 100X Taq).

Bisulfite Sequencing: Bisulfite-converted DNA used in epigenetic analysis contains uracil. Use of polymerases like EpiMark® Hot Start Taq (M0490) that have been optimized to amplify bisulfite-converted and AT-rich amplicons ensures robust amplification.

Specialty PCR includes these areas of focus:

Extraction-Free PCR
Hot Start PCR
Long Range PCR
Fast PCR
Multiplex PCR
Bisulfite Sequencing
Polymerases for NGS Library Preparation

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